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Repairing FAQs

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What types of bicycle repairs do you offer?

We offer a comprehensive range of bicycle repairs, from basic tune-ups and flat tire fixes to complex component replacements and overhauls.

How much does a typical bicycle repair cost?

The cost of repairs varies depending on the specific issue. We offer free estimates before any work begins.

How long does a typical repair take?

Simple repairs can usually be completed within the same day, while more complex repairs may take longer. We'll provide you with an estimated turnaround time upon inspection.

What kind of warranty do you offer on repairs?

We offer a warranty on all parts and labor associated with the repair.

Do you offer pick-up and drop-off services for repairs?

Consider adding this service if applicable We currently don't offer pick-up and drop-off services, but you can inquire about on-call service options.

New Bicycle FAQs

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What brands of bicycles do you carry?

We carry a wide selection of bicycles from leading brands to suit various riding styles and budgets

How do I choose the right size bicycle?

We offer professional bike fitting services to ensure you get the perfect size and fit for a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.

Do you offer financing options for new bicycles?

Consider adding financing options if applicable We don't currently offer financing, but you can check our website for ongoing promotions and discounts.

What's included in the price of a new bicycle?

The price of a new bicycle typically includes the bike itself, basic assembly, and a free post-purchase tune-up.

Do you offer any warranties on new bicycles?

Yes, all new bicycles come with a manufacturer's warranty.

Bicycle Accessories FAQs

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What kind of bicycle accessories do you sell?

We offer a wide variety of bicycle accessories to enhance your riding experience, including helmets, lights, locks, clothing, tools, and more.

Can I order bicycle accessories online?

Consider adding online ordering if applicable We currently don't offer online ordering, but you can browse our selection in-store.

How do I choose the right helmet?

A properly fitted helmet is crucial for safety. We recommend visiting our store for expert guidance on choosing the perfect helmet for your head size and riding style.

What are some essential accessories for new cyclists?

A helmet, lights, and a lock are essential for safe riding. We can recommend additional accessories based on your specific needs.

Do you offer any discounts on bicycle accessories?

We offer regular promotions and discounts on various accessories. Check our website or in-store for current offers.
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