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Precision Repairs, Peak Performance

Expert Bicycle Repair Services

Discover a world of unparalleled bicycle care at our repair service hub. From basic tune-ups to advanced spa treatments, our skilled technicians are dedicated to elevating your cycling experience. Trust us with your bicycle, and we’ll ensure precision repairs, meticulous maintenance, and an overall rejuvenation for optimal performance on every ride.

Our Services Include

Pedal into reliability with our expert bicycle repair services. We guarantee top-notch care for your two-wheeled companion, ensuring every ride is a seamless and enjoyable journey.

Gear Tune-up

Precision adjustments for smooth gear changes, enhancing riding pleasure.


Wheel Turing

Expertly straighten rims for balanced, accurate tracking, minimizing wear.

disc repair

Brake Adjustment

Optimize stopping power and reliability on any terrain.


Comprehensive Inspection

Identify potential problems for confident riding.


Drive Train Lubrication

Enjoy a quieter, smoother ride with fresh lubricant.


Frame Alignment

Precision tools ensure predictable handling and power transfer.

Schedule Service

Seamless appointments are just a form away! Fill in your details, submit, and expect a prompt response for a hassle-free scheduling experience. Your ride, your time – effortlessly booked!

Phone Number

8219576360 | 9805626430

Note : Customer support always open at 9 am to 6 pm in everyday

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